Weekly Updates (Week of August 15, 2016)

Weekly Update

Week of January 30

Homeroom Information

Memory: Hebrews 13:16

Religion: WS 31, WS 32

Art: Line Project

5th Grade Science

Monday: Worksheet 8-4

Wednesday: p.470-471, Study for Vocab Quiz

Friday: Study for Chapter 8 Test

6th Grade Science

Tuesday: Study for Chapter 7 Test

Thursday: Read 8-1, Write Vocab, Take Notes

Friday: None

7th Grade Science

Tuesday: Read 9-1, Take Notes, Write Vocab, Bring 4 Leaves

Thursday: Mini Lab 9-1, Microscope Lab

Friday: Mini Lab 9-1, Worksheet 9-1

8th Grade Science

Monday: Study for Chapter 8 Test, Roller Coaster Presentations

Wednesday: Roller Coaster Presentations

Friday: Read 9-1, Take Notes, Write Vocab

4th Grade Math

Monday: p.119-120

Tuesday: p.121-122

Wednesday: p.247-248 (textbook)

Thursday: p.123-124

Friday: p.125-126

Upcoming Events and Other News

February 4th: Trivia Night

February 9th: Fuzzy Taco's

February 13-15th: NO SCHOOL

Past Weekly Updates

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